#608: 160L Dutch Aquascape peace of garden

kamran shayanfar tehran, Iran


There is so much I like about this tank…and most of it is in the right half of the tank.

The plants are so healthy! I love that people are starting to embrace curtain plants but unlike curtains at theaters here it is best if they are dissimilar. You would have been better off with that Hydrocotyle as one of the curtain plants.

I rarely see streets of Pogostemon and that is beause it is a large plant and cutting them short to fit in the foreground looks artificial.

The left side of the tank looks like a candy store ransacked by teenagers. And by that I mean too many bright red plants next to each other. There are about 6 or 7 red plants next to each other all competing for attention and with very little contrast between them.

A moss wall would have been great above the Alternanthera. It's almost as if the aquarist started on the right and somewhat gave up by the time he or she got to left third.


PRO-TIP: there is a rarely discussed part of Dutch scaping that I call 'Days-to-Peak.' Understanding this and applying this knowledge would have greatly improved the ranking on this entry.

Days-to-Peak (DTP) is the number of days it takes for a species to grow to perfect height and volume after a trim. DTP is different for every species and every tank. Given your light CO2 and fertilizer dosing Ludwigia inclinata Pantanal may take only 5 days after a trim to reach peak appearance of perfect height and volume. Whereas Rotala may require 10 days. Knowing the number of days it takes for each of your species to reach its peak or best appearance after a trim is critical. Knowing this tells you when to trim each plant so they all reach the perfect height and volume when you are ready to photograph the tank for competition. Maintaining the same species for a few months without changing light ferts and CO2 and observing them daily while keeping excellent records will help you determine the DTP for every species. Experimenting with dosing or CO2 while getting ready for a competition means your DTP will keep changing. Without knowing DTPs for each plant entries will look too freshly trimmed or overgrown.

More scaping tips here: https://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Articles/Vin-Dutch/
— Vin Kutty
The basics are there and the right side looks already pretty strong as a Dutch Style aquarium. However the on left side it is almost impossible to distinguish the different groups of plants. In general much less red/orange makes a stronger impact than what we see here.
— Marco Aukes
No plant schedule. I count more plants than listed. Groups of red plants touching each other. Left side is a little messy. Gravel touching the front side. Should be hidden. No numbers of fishes.
— Bart Laurens

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm
Title peace of garden
Volume 160L
Background black
Lighting 96W LED
Filtration saamp
Plants rotala pink-cabomba caroliniana-Myriophyllum
Aquaticum-Ludwigia Sp red-Palustris Cuba-Hydrocotyle-
Animals neon Tetra- Red zebra-Amano

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