#655: 250L Dutch Aquascape Guilan Spring

Ali Mozayyan Rasht, Iran


This reminds me a lot of Entry# 639. This is a great collection of very healthy plants.

Anyone who grows Ammannia pedicellata and Rotala wallichii without deformitites is to be commended.

There are several key elements of Dutch style aquascaping present. However the Syngonanthus plant street is so dominant that it's hard to see anything else. Plant streets should not be this big or reach the top of the tank. It should narrow and disappear behind another bush of plants. This narrowing and disappearing feature adds a sense of depth and that's the reason why people use plant streets.

In two different sections of the tank there are reddish plants used as foreground mid and background all next to each other - that's too much of a good thing.

Use red plants sparingly. If it is too difficult to resist red plants please do not put several of them next to each other.

The foreground feels squeezed in and choked by the overgrown midground. The Bacopa needs another week of growth.

If you had waited another week the other plants would have been overgrown. This brings up a very important (and rarely discussed) part of Dutch scaping and that is understanding the 'Days-to-peak.'

Given your light CO2 and fertilizer dosing the Bacopa may take two weeks after a trim to reach peak appearance of perfect height and volume. The Rotala may only need one week. Knowing the number of days it takes for each of your species to reach its peak or best appearance after a trim is critical. Each species has a specific and different number. Knowing this tells you when to trim each plant so they all reach the perfect height and volume at the same time.

More scaping tips here: https://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Articles/Vin-Dutch/
— Vin Kutty
Very nice looking plants and love the Tonina. If you could move that farther away from the center of the tank and let it optically "disappear" behind another group of plants it would look even better. The left side of the aquarium is unfortunately not adding to the overall look only the Alternanthera there looks powerful. Also be careful with combinations of red/orange plants next to each other.
— Marco Aukes
Almost all the plants in the front can be missed. Lagenandra meeboldii Red grows much too big to be in that place. Tonina belem is too dominant present and could be kept lower at the back. Plants look very healthy. The plants in the middle form a straight line that divides the tank into two parts.
— Bart Laurens

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Guilan Spring
Volume 250L
Background Black
Lighting 6x T5HO 234W
Filtration ODYSSEA CFS1000
Plants Alternanthera reineckii Rosanervig/Tonina belem/Rotala rotundifolia Green/Rotala wallichii/eriocaulon cinereum/Najas sp.Roraima/Nesaea pedicellata golden/Hygrophila araguaia/corkscrew vallisneria/vallisneria spiralis/eleocharis pusilla/Hygrophila polysperma/Bacopa monnieri compact/Lagenandra meeboldii Red
Animals Tetra Cardinal,Sherimp,Amano
Materials Tropica soil
Additional Information 50%weekly water change
seachem fertilizer

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