#702: 242.9L Dutch Aquascape In Between Seasons

Jisoo Lyuh Seoul, South Korea


It's calm beautiful and lush.

Must be soothing to sit in front and enjoy this tank.

I like the Nymphoides as a curtain plant. I like where you've placed the red lotus. I like the moss wall in the back.

The tank has several elements of Dutch styling but misses the mark on a few fronts:
- there is a red plant near the middle! Red plants are useful as off-center focal point plants and they should never be placed in the middle because it forces symmetry and divides the tank into two equal left and right parts.

- I love that you have exercised red-plant restraint. But there is a monotony in height - there are several plants of roughly equal height and size in the back and several plants of roughly equal height in the front.

- There is a background and a foreground but no middleground. The foreground starting from the Lobelia and ending in the Staurogyne is a near-perfect arch - I am sure this was unintentional but it very dominant and distracting. If you look again you will see another flat-U-shaped arch at the top. This mirrors the arch in the foreground and harms the layout.

- The left end of the tank is overgrown and needs definition. The lack of definition on the left end makes it feel like tank begins to the right of the Cryptocoryne and therefore the red Myrio feel like it is right in the center...even though it is off center.

More Dutch styling tips: https://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Articles/Vin-Dutch/
— Vin Kutty
Where most attempts at Dutch Style overdo it with the red/brown/orange this scape would actually benefit from such contrast. Also a bit more variation in the height of the different groups of plants and more contrasts of leaf shapes would be beneficial. That would break the effect we see now with the rows of plants.
— Marco Aukes
There could be more variety in the size of the groups. Now I see a front row and a back row. I miss some black holes to the backwall. No fish at the surface. This tank looks very healthy.
— Bart Laurens

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title In Between Seasons
Volume 242.9L
Background Moss wall
Lighting Led Full Spectrum(115W + 144W)
Filtration Canister filter
Plants 1. heteranthera zosterifolia
2. rotala macrandra 'green'
3. bacopa caroliniana
4. myriphyllum tuberculatum
5. hygrophila siamensis
6. rotala rotundifolia
7. cryptocoryne crispatula var.balansae
8. hydrocotyle maritima
9. nymphaea lotus
10. lobelia cardinalis 'mini'
11. blyxa japonica
12. Eusteralis sp.
13. straugyne repens
14.nymphoides hydrophylla 'taiwan'
Animals Paracheirodon axelrodi
Additional Information Brown soil

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