#685: 357.5L Aquatic Garden Echinodorus Land

Guillermo Barrientos Santiago, Chile

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 130 × 55 × 50 cm
Title Echinodorus Land
Volume 357.5L
Background black carpet
Lighting 4 Chihiros A1201
Filtration Fluval 407, Fluval 207 and Sunsun HW3000
Plants Echinodorus rubin, Echinodorus "Marble queen", Echinodorus rose, Echinodorus oriental, Echinodorus tenellus, Echinodorus angustifolia "vesubius", Echinodorus parviflorus, Echinodorus quadricostatus, Echinodorus "Reni", Vesicularia dubyana, Taxiphyllum sp, Riccardia chamedryfolia, Fissidens sp, Sagitaria subulata, Limosella australis, Eleocharis vivipara, Vallisneria nana, Heteranthera zosterifolia
Animals 7 Pterophyllum scalare and 8 Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
Materials Substrate and rocks Dymax, woods recolected by myself
Additional Information Inspired in old school classic NA style, with strong focus in Echinodorus genre.
Weekly water changes 40-50%.
Pressurized co2
Fertilization routine 5ppm nitrate, 1ppm phosphate, 15ppm potassium / 0.3ppm Fe (with micros) every week, distributed in two half doses

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