#686: 84L Aquatic Garden Carang bongkang

Den maz fianz Tegal, Indonesia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 70 × 40 × 30 cm
Title Carang bongkang
Volume 84L
Background Sunblust
Lighting DIY hpl lamp 36 watt
Filtration DIY canister & topka skimer filter
Plants Wepping mos, pelia mos, microsorum pteropus trident, microsorum pteropus java vern, buchepalandra, anubias, baby tears, hygrophila angustifolia, altenantera recniki mini, rotala BSD, amania bonsay, sagitaria subulata, cryptocorine wendity brown
Animals 5 rainbow peacok, 2 rainbow makaloci, 4 cherry barb,2 pontius denysoni, 6 local shrimp, 2 snail
Materials Pumice, bacteri stater, soil, rasamala wood, garang stone, pasir silica chocolate
Additional Information change the air once a week along with fertilization, my inspiration comes from my love for nature.
There is no secret for the aquascape that I made, the key to success lies in our seriousness and commitment to always take care of the aquascape itself like we care for nature.

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