#723: 200.9L Biotope Aquascape Chituta Bay, Zambia

Jen Williams Alexandria, United States

Awards and Comments

Top Five
Overall not a bad design good work with perspective. Perhaps the plants were planted not so long ago. Spiralis valensis as a rule grows in the nature in denser groups.
— Yuriy Yancher
Excellent work l really like this rockscape. Looks very beautiful clear and realistic. It's as if I'm looking through a window at a small part of Tanganyika lake. Congratulations!
— Mert Aykuta

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 53 × 41 cm
Title Chituta Bay, Zambia
Volume 200.9L
Background backlighting on wall
Filtration Oase Biomaster 600
Plants Valisneria spiralis var. denserrulata
Animals Variabilichromis moorii, Telmatachromus vittatus, "Lamprologus" caudopunctatus
Materials Gradated sand, limestone/dolomite
Additional Information This location is unique to the south side of Lake Tanganyika as it differs from the typical mega blocks of granite or time-worn smooth stone in much of the lake, instead being geologically along an area of cream to gray shades of sandstone resulting in piles of smaller, more rough rubble. This aged limestone used shares the color and character attributes of the stones found Chituta Bay. The rocky shoreline is also home to smaller rock-dwelling inhabitants, constantly staking territories and darting in and out of crevices in the rubble. Vegetation is sparse, with only one species of Vallisneria (thought to be endemic to the lake) found in this area along the shoreline, nestled for protection between or next to rock groupings.

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