#304: 200L Biotope Aquascape Swamp in Pasuruan Indonesia

MAA Rafsanjani Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Top Five
Good aquarium everything looks natural. The natural biotopicity is well shown. It's hard to tell from the photo what's being used as soil but if it's black sand or gravel it looks inappropriate for a bog. In addition the bottom looks too clean. There is not enough organic siltation and plant residue settled on the bottom for visual balance.
— Yuriy Yancher
Looks deeper and bigger nice work.
— Mert Aykuta

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 50 cm
Title Swamp in Pasuruan Indonesia
Volume 200L
Background Black
Lighting Kandila S Series lamp, 10,000 K, Spotlight Krisbow 25 watt used for the effect of sunlight
Spotlight Philips 25 watt used for the effect of sunlight
Filtration Canister Filter Fluval FX4,
Plants Ceratophyllum Submersum and on the surface Lemna minor, Pistia stratiotes and Ipomoea aquatica
Animals Channa Limbata, Trichogaster, Anabas testudineus
Materials Roots, wood, leaves, twigs, stones and sand.
Additional Information Pasuruan is a district in East Java Province, Indonesia. The government center is located in Bangil. Pasuruan is a regency with the most complete tourism attractions which include mountains, plains, and the sea, as well as the second oldest city in East Java.

This regency is bordered by Sidoarjo Regency and the Java Sea in the north, Probolinggo Regency in the east, Malang Regency in the south, Batu City in the southwest, and Mojokerto Regency in the west. The district is known as an industrial, tourist and agricultural destination. Because it is known as this farm that makes in this area a lot of swamps, which were originally created to irrigate the rice fields in the area. This made the author conduct research there and make a biotope in one of the swamps there, the swamp that the author visited was one of the habitats of Channa Limbata, Trichogaster, Anabas testudineus, Channa Striata, and Trichopsis vittata. and in the swamp there are many logs, tree branches and leaves, in the swamp is overgrown with Ceratophyllum Submersum and on the surface Lemna minor, Pistia stratiotes and Ipomoea aquatica.
so from the results of these studies make the authors make the biotope according to the natural conditions there. Hopefully this work can be a source of knowledge and inspiration for everyone.

Location : -7.704962919824231, 113.01794124090867
Vidio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fC4NRLQjW89drLONzG3ONzbqi8-nhV9H/view?usp=sharing
Vidio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fC4NRLQjW89drLONzG3ONzbqi8-nhV9H/view?usp=sharing

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