#727: 28.8L Paludarium Borneo stream

Varun Anipindi Mississauga, Canada

Awards and Comments

Top Five
Tremendously beautiful. The density and lushness of the mosses quite literally everywhere cannot be understated. There are details all over this scape that after longer examination can be appreciated for their full beauty.

The Utricularia carpeting is done with care and great success as it shows a careful control over the plant and an understanding of how to grow it well. The submerged portion alone is impressive but when combined with the impactful foreground of the emersed region and its lush background the entire display holds together well.

Brilliant work.
— Jack McCarley
I like your pleasing transition from the land to water area. Nice job with that! I would like to see a broader selection of plants on the back wall rather than solid moss and the dark area on the left feels quite heavy in comparison to the rest of the display.
— Karen Randall
Your plants are all very healthy! I think adding moss along the left and right emersed branches will help conceal your constructive elements (terra tape + cotton thread) and will help create a more natural feeling overall. The lava stone on the left emerging out of the water has a very flat face lacking character. Consider a different stone choice or using multiple stones broken up that you then plant moss on to have the land area continue seamlessly into the water area.
— Alex Vella

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 16 cm
Title Borneo stream
Volume 28.8L
Background ADA mizukusa mist wall with wabi kusa mats and moss (Christmas moss, weeping moss, fissidens nobilis, Bolbitis sp. mini
Lighting Chihiros VIVID II
Filtration ADA superjet ES-300
Underwater submersible pump
Plants Riccardia
Fissidens sp. mini
Fissidens miroshaki
Rabbit's foot fern
Masdevallia erinacea
Utricularia graminifolia
Juncus repens
Bucephalandra velvet
Bucephalandra catherinae
Bucephalandra catherinae mini
Gomesa radicans
Lepanthes telipogoniflora x calodycton
Lepanthes gargoyla
Animals Pure red line crystal red shrimp x 50
Chilli rasbora x 6
Sundanio axelrodii x 5
Materials Manzanita wood
ADA sansui rock
Additional Information I wanted to make a scape for bucephalandra. I was inspired by some of the natural habitats where these bucephalandra come from. I have seen the crystal clear river streams in Borneo with lots of rocks, fast-moving water, tons of driftwood and lush green mosses/ferns and miniature orchids on the mossy trees. I wanted to recreate that habitat and also home it with some fish that come from that area (chilli rasbora). While this isn't a biotope, the scape ended up looking very special to me and I continue to cherish it to disconnect from everyday life and remind me of my time in the Borneo rainforest. There are tons of details to watch and admire: orchids flowering in the moss on the driftwood, rare species of mosses growing and overgrowing the rocks/back wall demonstrating a natural transition from underwater to emmersed growth. It is a very rewarding scape to maintain and have in my living room. Everyone in my life who has seen this scape is stunned by the beauty and variety of nature and I am happy to have achieved a sliver of that in my tank.

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