#426: 94.4L Dutch Aquascape on a summer day

soung bin Im Incheon, South Korea


First impression: Nice tank. Nice colors.
I miss an open view to the background to create depth.
The various plant groups are situated very close to each other.
I think the Echinodorus ocelot grows too big for this tank.
No information about the number of Hemigrammus rhodostomus. Miss a fish at the surface.
Technology well hidden and out of sight.
— Bart Laurens
I love the restraint applied to the foreground - so rare! I love the open light foreground substrate - thank you for not filling every inch of the foreground densely with plants. What a relief! Gorgeous healthy plants. I love the Cyperus - why don’t more people use this plant? I love the rich colors and the sense of depth. But I do not love the red plant in the middle. The black & white photo submitted shows the lack of leaf shape and size contrast in the middle back of the tank. This is a reminder to always take black and white photos of your tank - this will highlight your contrast weakness in leaf size and shape. Here you have an over-reliance on color for contrast which is easier than achieving contrast using all 4 levers - color height shape and size. Thirteen species of plants in a 60 cm tank is twice as many species as this tank can accommodate. Avoid red next to red.
— Vin Kutty
I really like the first impression of this layout. However the foreground appears a bit too barren and making more use of it could even give the tank MORE sense of depth (which already is impressive).
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 45 × 35 cm
Title on a summer day
Volume 94.4L
Background Black Formax
Filtration 7W side filter
Plants Micranthemum umbrosum,Alternantherareineckii ,Helanthium bolivianum 'Quadricostatus'
Cryptocoryne retrospinali,Pogostemon erectus,Ammannia pedicellata Golden,Rotala rotundifolia
Echinodorus 'Ozelot',Bacopa carolinana,Cyperus helferi,Rotala sp. Blood Red,Hygrophila stricta var."Thailand"
Ludwigia palustris
Animals Hemigrammus rhodostomus
Materials TROPICA Aquarium Soil, sand
Additional Information I wanted to express the summer's lush green

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