#748: 9.5L Riparium New hope

Ivan Inti Morales R. CDMX, Mexico


Wow! Another gorgeous display! This one a little dark and mysterious but oh so beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE the light lacy look of the bamboo growing up behind the light!!!

While in most cases I would like to see some plants in the water area in this case I think the aquarist was right to leave them out. I am not usually a fan of striped rock but again in this case it works. in the dark area in the shadow of the branches it tricks the eye into looking like ripples of sunlight coming through from above. I love it!
— Karen Randall
I enjoy the restraint this Riparium shows. The planting has a nice blend of textures while remaining clear. There is a pleasing visual relationship between the above- and below- water worlds compositionally. I think some minor refinements could also really elevate this work. For instance I love the balance that the Poacaea sp. Purple Bamboo brings to the wood on the left side I would just love to see a slightly denser planting of it there. And the Crepidomanes Auriculatum doesn’t quite have enough presence to validate it being in the photo. And lastly be sure to make that front substrate line nice and smooth before taking your photo.

Overall this is a wonderful submission.
— Ryan Noel
Amazing wood and underwater section. Use of the natural trailing behavior of the hydrocotyl adds to the age and depth of the wood.
— Jo Ann Fujii
Great use of some really beautiful driftwood to create the riparium. You have made good use of the little nook where the wood meets to grow the emersed section of the plants in the layout. I would have liked to see more emphasis placed on the submersed section with a bit more space in the front for light to penetrate down. Well done
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 22 × 12 cm
Title New hope
Volume 9.5L
Background Gray paint
Lighting Onf flat nano
Filtration Slim flo 120 Dymax
Plants Lobelia “Mini”
Rotala Sp.
Poaceae “Purple Bamboo”
Riccardia chamedryfolia
Hydrocotyle tripartita “Mini”
Crepidomanes auriculatum
Materials Manzanita wood, Seiryu rocks, UNS aquasoil, ADA la plata sand

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