#111: 150L Aquatic Garden 秀(grace)

俞辉(yuhui) suzhou, China


Attractive mound shaped layout. Your foreground plants need to fill in just a bit more on the left and the C. crispatula in the right rear.
— Karen Randall
Excellent wood selection and composition. Thanks for showing us the layout before planting. Superb plant choice suitable for long-term sustainabilty. Very well done!
— George Farmer

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title 秀(grace)
Volume 150L
Lighting ADA NAMH-150 w
8 hours/ day
Filtration ADA ES-1200
Plants 1.Cryptocoryne parva
2.Cryptocoryne wendtii
3.Anubias barteri schote var.nana(Engl.) crusio
4.Microsorium sp.
5.Amblystegiaceae sp.
6.Bolbitis heudelotii(bory ex fee)Aston
7.Monosolenium tenerum Griff
8.Cryptocoryne crispatula Engl.var.balansae(Gagnep.)N.jacobsen
Animals Rasbora heteromorpha
Materials driftwood

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