#12: 20L Aquatic Garden Coast

Chris Jupp Mitcham, England


Very peaceful! The illusion of the 'coast' is effective but the layout lacks impact due to some planting and pruning issues. For instance the moss at the front seems squashed against the glass where as the open area on the right foreground needs more planting. The rockwork is excellent though except for perhaps the little verticle rock on the left pointing upwards - it's very distracting! Excellent effort though well done!
— George Farmer
Sparse and new looking. Has the potential to develop into something nice. I don't like the bare tank bottom showing. It adds nothing to the aquascape.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 35 × 23 × 24 cm
Title Coast
Volume 20L
Background None
Lighting 18 watt T5 PC lamp
Filtration Fluval 105 external cannister filter
Plants Hemainathus calitrichoides, ,Riccia fluitans, Riccardia graeffei,Fissidens Sp. Rotala Sp.'Mini'
Materials Red Sea Flora base, silver sand, Pagoda Stone
Additional Information Tropica Plant nutrition + 1 ml daily, Flourish excel, Pressurised JBL Co2 set with solenoid/glass ceramic diffuser

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