#154: 119L Paludarium Meditation-Wall (This tall living wall is my inspiration resources when I meditate in daily work.)

Siu Yui-chi shatin, Hong Kong


The planting above the water is super! Well done.
— George Farmer
Lovely and clearly well established terrestrial work. It looks like the Java ferns are a fairly new addition though and need time to grow in.
— Karen Randall
The way plants grow on the stone wall look natural and nice but again underwater parts need more ingenuity.
— Takashi Amano
One could get lost...or found in that "living wall".
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 44 × 30 cm
Title Meditation-Wall
(This tall living wall is my inspiration resources when I meditate in daily work.)
Volume 119L
Background 1 polystyrene board(made as black wood-type texture) in water and 2 more above water( with several woods stick to it for holding plants) made up to nearlly 7 feet.
Lighting 1 HQI(150w) above water 5 feet,it is amazing to see only one bulb can provide so much energy to all the plants .The Ipomoea cairica once grew all around the room and have beautiful purple flowers blossom.
Filtration 1 Tetra Ex120
Plants above water
1 (水車前)Ottelia alismoides
2(蕨)various ferns e.g.(鳳尾蕨)pteris mutifida
3(薛荔)Ficus pumil
4(野芋)Alocasia odora
5(鐵線蕨)Adiantum capillus-veneris
6(紫竹梅)Setcreasea purpurea Boom(Purple Setcreasea)
7(石蠶 )異色血葉蘭
8)(小椰樹)Cyperus alternifolius
9)(水藍星花Bule daze) Oxypetalum caeruleum
10)(五爪金龍)Ipomoea cairica
11)(舖地錦竹草)Callisia repens L.

(1)MAINLY(鐵皇冠)Microsorium pteropus
(2)(水榕)Anubias nana
Animals 2(香港鬥魚)Macropodus hongkongensis
1 Betta splendens
Materials volcanic sand as substrate,chinese porous rock which can absorb water .several wood stick to the wall
Additional Information I use the filtre to pump up water drops up to a)5ft,b)4ft c) 3ft d) on different parts of the wall usually near the wood with plants on them.and finally e) water flows on 2/3 of the big porous rock.Timer is set for creating rain drops occasionally and prevent it is too wet.
Under water there are many holes for the 3 fishes to hide.

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