#190: 72L Paludarium La loi de la jungle

Mélisse Moireau Sarcelles, France


Very impressive. The almost bare wood on the right is an interesting contrast to the heavy planting and complex textures to the left. Well done!
— George Farmer
Lovely soft growth and a good transition between land and water. Unfortuantely the big blocky driftwood on the right overwhelms the design and also blocks a lot of ligt Try to find something less weighty for that side of the tank.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 42 cm
Title La loi de la jungle
Volume 72L
Lighting 70w metal halide
Filtration EDEN 501
Plants 1=Lobelia cardinalis, 2=Hydrocotyle verticillata, 3=Myriophylum aquaticum, 4=Soleirolia soleirolii, 5=Hygrophila difformis, 6=Lilaeopsis macloviana, 7=Lysimachai nummularia aurea, 8=Anubia nana, 9=Helix, 10= Heteranthera zosterifolia, 11=Riccia fluitans, 12=Ludwigia repens rubin, 13=Eusteralis stellata, 14=Eleocharis acicularis, 15=Microsorum pteropus windelow, 16=Cryptocoryne wendtii, 17=Echinodorus
Animals 3 guppies + Red cherries
Materials 2 pieces of swamp driftwood

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