#169: 500L Biotope Aquascape Lago Macuricanã

Charalampos Tsokas Athens, Greece

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Beautiful fish presented very nicely in a well-composed layout. The 'sawn-off' wood ends appear unnatural but it's a minor distraction. Good job!
— George Farmer
This tank definitely conveys the feeling of a Discus biotope. The fish are lovely naturally colored fish in superb condition and while the water is a bit cloudy that is not unrealistic either depending on the specific collecting site for these fish. (the dark color to the water is absolutely accurate) My only wish is that you had chosen wood that was not obviously sawn off. You certainly see this in the Amazon but obviously even when you find it "in nature" it is not "natural but the hand of man at work. Still this is a nice job creating a biotope tank.
— Karen Randall
Combination of white sand and black water created an image of Rio Negro in the Amazon. Rock added a good accent to the layout but bare driftwood cut became subject of point deduction.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 50 × 70 cm
Title Lago Macuricanã
Volume 500L
Background Dark brown adhesive outwardly
Lighting 3 spot lights (35W each - 25°), simulating the sun light through tree branches
Filtration 2x Eheim 2217 for biological filtration, and 60 lt sub filter for mechanical filtration
Plants n/a
Animals Symphysodon Haraldi (wildcaught discus F0)
Materials Sand, large pieces of driftwood and few stones
Additional Information Water parameters:
T: 28-30°C,
pH: 5.6-5.8,
Conductivity: 60-70μS/cm

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