#53: 2600L Biotope Aquascape African Lake

Jesper Taustrup Ryomgård, Denmark

Awards and Comments

First Place
Incredible tank! A very convincing underwater slice of Lake Tanganyika.
— George Farmer
Absolutely lovely background and rock surround. Your fish are all from Lake Tanganyika and while I was not able to determine whether they would be found in the same areas certainly the TYPES of biotopes they inhabit are represented in this tank (sandy rocky littoral areas and open water) Good job.
— Karen Randall
I believe the creator tried to make a biotope of lakes where African cichlids inhabit but overhanging rocks provides oppressive feeling. A little ingenuity is required here.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 200 × 180 × 70 cm
Title African Lake
Volume 2600L
Background Back to Nature : Malawi Background + moduls
Lighting 2 x T5 ocean white and 3 x T5 Blue light.
Filtration 450 lites tank with blue filter material driven
by one 2000 l/h and one 3000 L/h
Animals Calloochromis Pleurospilus "Kigoma",
Benthochromis tricoti "Katalamba",
Cyatopharynx furcifer "Ndole"
Materials Beach sand and Japanese rocks.

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