#177: 100L Aquatic Garden Wild corner

Piotr Węcławiak Sroda Wielkopolska, Poland

Awards and Comments

Third Place
This is quite a nice design in a difficult "tall" tank. I love your wood the lovely mound of Monoselinium and the pretty rosettes of your Crypts. However there is just too much haze in the water for the tank to score highly on "impression"; it is hard to even see to the back of the tank. With photo-based contests you ahve a year to get your tank ready. Wait a few days until the water clears before taking your photos!
— Karen Randall
The driftwood selection and layout is very good but I feel the aquascape would improve if the plant were more mature with the moss maintained more effectively. The Java fern that is the main focal point is too central for my taste.
— George Farmer
"Wild"? Yes! Startling? Yes! But very pleasantly so.
The perfectly placed focal point the Microsorum is compelling. But the contrast and shadow play of the leaf shapes and colors and the perpetually moving lines of the driftwood draw the viewer's eye on a sinuous trip all around.
This work is especially artful and praiseworthy.
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 40 × 50 cm
Title Wild corner
Volume 100L
Background black matirial
Lighting HQI 150W + 2x24W T5
Filtration Fluval 105
Plants Cryptocoryna lutea, Monoselenium tenerum, Riccia fluitans, Taxiphyllum barbieri , Vesicularia sp. "Christmas moss", Microsorum pteropus,
Animals Celestichthys margarittatus, Caririna gracilirostris, Neocaridina sp., Neridina sp.
Materials driftwood

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