#7: 70L Aquatic Garden pisces lagoon

Aaron Clapham riverhills, Australia


This is a pleasing small tank and the plants have been attractively arranged. I suspect it is recently set up (or re-set) or the Bolbitis and Java ferns would be much larger. Red Tail Sharks become much too large and territorial for such a small tank particulalry with long finned slow moving fish like Bettas. The Siamese algae eater will also get large but at least he won't bother anyone else. I suggest you remove the shark and SAE stick to your nice selection of tetras and find a mate for your Ram.

Tou would find that you didn't need to replace your yeast reactor so often if you weren't blowing off all the CO2 with the airstone in the back... air stones don't belong in planted aquariums; your plants if healthy provide all the oxygen your fish need! Also plese make sure your glass is clean before taking shots for competitions.
— Karen Randall
The open area in the centre looks effective but the overall layout is let down a little by average rockwork and poor plant growth at the sides. The visible watermarks on the glass and algae on the rear rock are also very distracting.
— George Farmer

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 34 × 48 cm
Title pisces lagoon
Volume 70L
Background painted black cardboard
Lighting 61 watts t5.12 hrs a day
Filtration three stage fitration built into hood
Plants java fern,windelov fern,riccia,Bolbitis heudelotii.
Animals neon tetra,red tail shark,siamese algae eater,siamese fighter,german blue ram
Materials black substrate,stones,driftwood
Additional Information diy co2 every three to four days,liquid fertilise some days

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