#180: 20L Aquatic Garden Path to the Birdsnest

Joey L. Gatus Cebu, Philippines


I love the title and use of planting to simulate the 'birds nest'. The photo from above the water line shows of the layout particularly well. The use of planting and hardscape is well-balanced with effective textures and colours. It's very well done!
— George Farmer
Attractive little tank. Well trimmed but it would be nice if the foreground had grown in just a bit more before the photos were taken.
— Karen Randall
The "birdsnest" is a clever effect.
The nice balance of color and leaf shapes makes for a very satisfying viewing.
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Path to the Birdsnest
Volume 20L
Background Black tint
Lighting 4 x 23 watts OSRAM daylight (6500K)compact flourescent lamp.
Filtration GEX hang-on filter
Plants Background - Pearlweed, L. arcuata. Midground - Sunset hygro, Echinodorous parvy. Foreground - Glossostigma. Accents for the driftwood - Anubias nana petit, java moss, java fern, riccia and Sagettaria subulata
Animals 8 pcs Rasboras, 2 otocinclus, 20 local shrimps, 10 RCS, 5 red nerites
Materials Substrate is made of clay and sand topping, while the main hardscape is driftwood.
Additional Information In this aquascape, i used dwarf sag to mimic an epiphytic birdsnest plant. Full effect is reached when their thick roots comes out plus the complimentary mixture of javamoss as well as riccia come into play. CO2 fertilization is about 2-3bps.

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