#193: 65L Aquatic Garden Scret Garden

Yu-Lin Chen Hsinchu, Taiwan


A pleasant design but I would have preferred to see the main photo as a full frontal so I can better assess the composition. I am impressed with the growth especially glosso with just 2 x 20w lamps.
— George Farmer
Pretty tank carefully designed. I think it would be better without the wisps of Eleocharis at the rear however.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Scret Garden
Volume 65L
Background black
Lighting 20W x 2
Filtration Eheim 2213
Plants Ludwigia arcuata
Myriophyllum aquaticum
Golssostigma elatinoides
Rotala rotundifolia var.
Eleocharis acicularis
Anubias nana
Microsorium pteropus var. "narrow leaf"
Fantinalis antipyretica
Cryptocoryne wendtii
Animals Bolbittis heudeloffii
Neocaridina denticulate
Materials driftwood
Additional Information CO2

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