#202: 260L Biotope Aquascape Amazone biotope

Rick van Sluijs Vlissingen, Netherlands


The plant selection is inappropriate for an Amazon biotope. Consider researching plant species further and what constitutes a biotope aquarium. The AGA guidelines have some good information. http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2008.cgi?&op=showpage&name=guidelines-biotope
— George Farmer
This is nice community Discus tank but it is not a biotope tank. If it weren't for the Cryptocoryne The fish are more or less appropriate together but the plants are not. I suppose we could call it a "geographical theme tank" but since they are from Asia and hte rest of the plants and fish are new world species we can't even do that.
— Karen Randall
I do not think bamboo grows well in underwater. I believe creator tried to make an image of Amazon but the bamboo looks unnatural. The layout looks chaotic and more layout arrangement is necessary here.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 121 × 45 × 55 cm
Title Amazone biotope
Volume 260L
Background some juwel-background. Unfortunately I had to put it behind the tank. Making a nice background is gonna be one of my first new 'tank-projects'.
Lighting 1x trocal-super-color-plus 38W (dennerle)
1x trocal-plant 38W (3085, also dennerle)
Filtration 1x Fluval 103 filter
1x Eheim Professional II
Plants bamboo
valisneria gigantea
ludwigia palustris
Echinodorus bleheri
and some plant i don't know the name of..
Animals cardinal tetra (25)
discus (2x)
Apistogramma ramirezi (2x)
Ancistrus dolichopterus (3x)
Corydoras aeneus (8x)
Carnegiella Strigata (10x)
Materials 1 piece driftwood
Additional Information CO2 is added.

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