#42: 284L Biotope Aquascape Heart of Darkness

Travis Evans Wilt Canadensis, United States


Good fish and plant selection. The layout well balanced with its 'V' composition. Well done.
— George Farmer
This tank is a little dark but at least the maker has tried to get plants from the same continent. The only plants that are really out of place are the Anubias which are not found in the Congo river area but in Cameroon. Still the fish are correct for this area and it is an attractive tank that does convey the feeling of a river bank.
— Karen Randall
I believe creator tried to make an image of West Africa. But Congo tetra usually lives in a strong current river and I do not think the layout design matches biotope of Congo Tetra.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 46 × 51 cm
Title Heart of Darkness
Volume 284L
Background self-adhesive black background
Lighting four 48 inch 6500K T12s
Filtration Fluval 404 with their surface skimmer intake attachment
Plants Anubias barteri v. Nana, Anubias barteri v. angustifolia, Bolbitus heudelotii
Animals 6 Phenacogrammus interruptus (Congo Tetras), 2 Ctenopoma acutirostre (Spotted Bushfish), 1 Xenomystus nigri (African Knifefish), 1 Pantodon buchholzi (African Butterfly Fish), 1 Synodontis brichardi (Brichardi Catfish)
Materials I used lots of driftwood for decoration and pure peat moss for the substrate.
Additional Information This entry is a Congo River biotope tank. In creating it, I had to modify the output end of the filter by attaching it to a pipe drilled full of holes in order to more evenly disperse the water flow. Otherwise, I was blowing peat moss around in the tank. Also, I have found that some of my fish became far less shy and more active in the aquarium when lots of hiding places and the peat substrate were added. I do not fertilize nor add CO2 to the tank. I do a 20 gallon water change once a week, and I have to add baking soda to the new water in order to keep the pH up at 6.0.

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