#62: 8L Aquatic Garden clouds on the lake

Mirko Agasi Fonte Nuova, Italy

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
A very clever design idea especially with the background sky/clouds and bare patch of glass at the aquarium's bottom representing the lake. I do feel the layout could be improved considerably with more carefully positioned rock work and plant maintenance/pruning. A moss may have worked better than the Hemianthus? However top marks for ingenuity!
— George Farmer
Very nice "cliff" design with good tension between the right and left and lines that lead the eye back into the frame. I'm not sure how practical your "lake" is nor how much it and the cloud background add to your design. With a strong design like yours you should let your good work speak for itself!
— Karen Randall
The tank's right side is wonderful. The lean of the rock ledge is perfect. The plantings flow nicely.
The left side however is a disaster. The two rocks are an obvious afterthought and offer neither balance nor sense of permanence.
I find the cloud picture contrived and akin to the the storebought backdrops with plants and Greek temples.
— Bob Vivian
The creator's idea expressed in the composition is very unique. The refreshing atmosphere of this aquascape is well presented through the dynamics of the composition which appears as a white sand beach the silhouette of the rocks leaning forward and the background of a blue sky with white clouds. The creator successfully gave this small aquarium a large perspective. A very inspiring piece.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 27 × 16 × 17 cm
Title clouds on the lake
Volume 8L
Lighting PL 11w 6500K x 9h
Filtration external hanging stand filter
Plants hemianthus callitricoides
Animals 3 red cherry
Materials fertilized substrate: Dennerle DeponitMix classic
ornamental substrate: white sand
rocks: seiryu stone ADA
Additional Information fertilization: dennerle nano/daily + co2 dennerle crystal line

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