#203: 8L Aquatic Garden Endler's tranquillity

Renato Ivanović Zagreb, Croatia


A lovely low-maintenance aquascape. Well done there! However the nice HC carpet lacks interest and provides no pleasing transistion to the planted piece of wood that looks a little odd with its inverted 'U' shape.
— George Farmer
While this is a pleasant looking tank there are signs of nutrient and/or CO2 deficiency in the leaves of both the Anubias & Microsorum and the Hemianthus looks stunted. This is a lot of fish for such a small tank even when the fish are as small as Endler's. It's also a little barren for this type of fish which are more comfortable with small-leafed vegetation ot pick though and in which the fry can hide.
— Karen Randall
The arched driftwood with ferns is very effective. It provides a distinctive focal point and is a good feature to build a creative 'scape around.
However the arch needs to be anchored better with plants (crypts?)or hardscape. It lacks a sense of belonging and that is a detraction.
The foreground is boring and lacks character. Add plants with more height that lead the eye toward the arch and make it more a part of the overall.
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 17 × 23 cm
Title Endler's tranquillity
Volume 8L
Background -
Lighting 2 x pl 11w
Filtration hang on filter hagen aquaclear 20
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides "cuba", Microsorium sp., Anubias barteri nana "Petite"
Animals 25 x Endler's guppy, 10 x Neocaridina denticulata sinensis "red"
Materials soil + peat + black gravel, mangro driftwood
Additional Information without CO2 system, only micro elements and liquid carbo daily

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