#74: 32L Aquatic Garden Wild on Rock

Harry Kwong Ma Tau Wai Estate, Hong Kong


An excellent triangular composition that uses various plants and their textures very effectively to create a pleasing harmonious feel. The bold crypts work particularly well as a midground texture. I do feel the plants look a little yellow but suspect this is the white balance setting on the camera or lighting as opposed to poor plant health. Well done!
— George Farmer
Stunning display. Shows enormous depth in a small tank. This next comment in no way effects the score I have given your tank but I suggest a higher kelvin rating bulb to remove the yellow cast from the lighting. If it's a camera problem adjust your white balance.
— Karen Randall
A very unique and creative layout. This tranquil aquascape offers a satisfying sense of permanence
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 24 × 30 cm
Title Wild on Rock
Volume 32L
Lighting T5HO 24W x 2
Filtration ADA Amazonia soil
ADA Bright Sand
Plants 1) Rotala nanjeanshanensis
2) Hemianthus callitrichoides
3) Cryptoryne petchii
4) Juncus Repens
5) Echinodorus tenellus
Animals Hemigrammus Rodwayi Var
Additional Information ADA step one

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