#265: 122L Biotope Aquascape The home of Tiger Barb(Barbus tetrazona),Sumatra,Indonesia

huang ziming 常州市, China


The stark background and visible equipment seriously detract.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 45 × 45 cm
Title The home of Tiger Barb(Barbus tetrazona),Sumatra,Indonesia
Volume 122L
Lighting LED射灯
Filtration 底部过滤桶
Plants algae
Animals Barbus tetrazona
Materials 沉木、根须、山水石
Additional Information 在印尼一个热带雨林地区的近岸水域,虎皮鱼穿梭在其中,岸边的草本植物挺立在水中,大树的根须、落叶因水流缓慢沉淀此处,枯老的树桩倒在水中与石头混为一体,藻类肆意的在石头上生长。(In the shallow waters of a tropical rainforest area in Indonesia, Tiger Barb swim among them. The herbs on the shore stand upright in the water. The roots and deciduous leaves of big trees deposit here slowly because of the current. The old stumps fall into the water and mix with stones. Algae grow on stones wantonly.)

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