#301: 15L Biotope Aquascape Small quilt stream in Baiyun mountain, Guangdong province china

谭杰 重庆, China


This biotope has a soft spot in my heart because it is one of the very first biotope tanks I ever did personally. However it is my understanding that these fish come from areas of running water and while all the"pieces" are right in your tank the "depiction" is more of a quiet pond. This comes from lack of directionality of your materials and also the us of the extreme wide angle lens. That said your tank still brings a smile to my face!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 35 × 30 × 18 cm
Title Small quilt stream in Baiyun mountain, Guangdong province china
Volume 15L
Background white paper
Lighting PL
Filtration 5w outside filter
Plants none
Animals Tanichthys albonubes
Materials river stone, river sand
Additional Information Description of the fish and it's biotope: Tanichthys albonubes (White cloud mountain minnow) is live in the Baiyun mountains, Guangdong province, southern china!it's endengerd outside in the wild streams, coz the overfishing and eco-desprotaction... And now,it's been on the list of national protection order by law! It's the 2nd Class Protection Animal in china.

Underwater landscape of the biotope: I've been to Guangdong provice for twice , but I never find the Tanichthys albonubes in the wild! while in some plce used to visit these beautiful little fishes, there
is almost no aqua plants but alge. Trees and grasses are dense around the water,so the sunlight is very poor in the water,on the bottom of the water,there lie some fallen leaves and braches form the trees around. And lots of litlle snails scatter shut in the water. And on the bottom there are alot of river stones and pebbles, river sand in light color.

The parameters: the PH of this tank is 6.8, GH is 3, and tds is 85, kh is 5

the photos were taken ater 7 months the tank was start
the leaves have been in the tank nearly 3 month (Ficus microcarpa L. f.) and it turn into a dark color now, the skrit of the leaves are bite by the fishes and little snailes , that's very intresting

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