#577: 140L Biotope Aquascape Likoma Island’s rocky habitat, Southeast of Lake Malawi, Mozambique waters

Lu Xiaolong Beijing, China

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Beautifully done.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 55 × 30 cm
Title Likoma Island’s rocky habitat, Southeast of Lake Malawi, Mozambique waters
Volume 140L
Background N/A
Lighting homemade led background light,
Two ZETLIGHT ZE8300,96W, Simulated sunrise and sunset
Filtration Oase Filto Thermo300, 1000L/H,FLUVAL407,1450L/H
Plants N/A
Animals Labidochromis Caeruleus, Pseudotropheus sp. “Demasoni”, Cynotilapia Afra “Cobue”
Materials The base was made of coral bones, and then sand was laid on them, with rocks of all sizes
Additional Information Likoma Island is located in southeast of Lake Malawi and is the larger of two inhabited islands, the smaller being nearby Chizulmulu. Likoma and Chizulmulu both belong to Malawi, and together they make up the Likoma District. Both islands lie just a few kilometers from Mozambique, and are entirely surrounded by Mozambican territorial waters. This region has got relatively clear waters and mostly rocky habitats.
Mbunas inhabit the rocky shallow areas. They are commonly found over small and medium sized rocks at depths between 10-33 feet (3-10m). They feed zooplankton, epibenthic invertebrates, and aufwuchs. Large rounded rocks provide shelter and a place for the mbunas’ main diet to grow. Aufwuchs in the algae includes microfauna such as small invertebrates. They stick close to the rockwork to avoid the open water piscivores commonly referred to as the haps.
• https://youtu.be/MvnDfPzhR3Q
• https://youtu.be/F_eR3DFbFrU
• https://youtu.be/44EzcfpM5tk
• https://youtu.be/cnt536xpfVE

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