#333: 88L Biotope Aquascape A shallow and vegetated coastal area of Ceyhan River, Adana - Turkey

Mert Yılmaz İzmir, Turkey

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 50 × 35 cm
Title A shallow and vegetated coastal area of Ceyhan River, Adana - Turkey
Volume 88L
Background Blue paper
Lighting 20W 6500 kelvin projector led
Filtration Hanging on filter
Plants Ceratophyllum demersum, Egeria densa, Lemna minor, filamentous algae
Animals Aphanius mento, Planorbis sp, Physa sp.
Materials I'm using smooth and different sizes rocks gathered from creek. When placing rocks, I took care of imitating a shallow area. All rocks, plants and sand gathered from creek
Additional Information Ceyhan River, is one of Turkey's most important river. It is one of the two main lile of source of Çukurova. (The other is Seyhan River) Ceyhan River, 509 km long, passes 3km southeast of Elbistan and is born from Pınarbaşı. It is one of the largest rivers in the Mediterranean region.It forms a large delta in Çukurova and flows into İskenderun Bay. Its main tributaries are "Söğütlü, Hurman, Göksun, Mağara Gözü, Fırnız, Tekir, Körsulu and Aksu rivers. The Ceyhan River runs through deep valleys within the boundaries of Kahramanmaraş province. Most of these valleys are unfortunately under the dam waters. Starting from the end point of Menzelet Dam Lake, Kısık Valley (Canyon) is still in its natural structure. Since the Ceyhan valley is very convenient for dams, many dams have been built on it, and the Ceyhan River is a great resource for agricultural irrigation and is being used

The Ceyhan River has a rocky and gravel structure. It is home to cosmopolitan plants at shallow and at some normal depths. Water is cloudy in some places due to pollution and flow, but also has clear view places. Aphanius mento, kept in this biotope aquarium, lives in the shallow and vegetation areas of the Ceyhan River. Aphanius mento was recorded to IUCN Red List because of pollution and invasive species. Also The Cobitis evreni lives in the same place.

When WWF published its report on the pollution of the Mediterranean, the five most polluted Mediterranean regions were announced. This study, which reveals the most pollutant of Egypt in the Mediterranean, also mentioned Adana Ceyhan as the most polluted place. The Ceyhan basin is fighting the pollution problem.In addition to WWF, Hasan Sungur, the head of a political party district, started a study to find the cause of dirty and waste water entering the Ceyhan River. Where waste water comes from is unknown.One of the reasons for the pollution of the Ceyhan River is the local people of the region. Animal carcasses were found twice in the Ceyhan River at 5-day intervals and attracted great response from the local bulletin. In addition, plastic waste is also due to the local population.

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