#472: 150L Biotope Aquascape Shallow stream in Lotus Mountain, Guangzhou, China

Yin Qi Beijing, China


Really nice!!!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 30 cm
Title Shallow stream in Lotus Mountain, Guangzhou, China
Volume 150L
Background As a wild-exploration enthusiast, I often snorkel in the stream to observe underwater creatures when collecting in the wild. There was a scene that made me remember. When I snorkel in the stream and explored the trail of creatures near the huge pebbles at the bottom of the riverbed, I suddenly looked up and saw the sunlight coming through the gap behind the huge pebbles. I was touched at this moment. This time, I decide to restore this partial real scene in the stream that I remember.
In this landscaping, I inserted the leafy branches of the plants on the shore into the water. The stones of different sizes at the bottom, some branches and fallen leaves form a three-dimensional, imaginative space that real reflect the underwater richness of the stream.
Lighting Kessil 360x Tuna Sun 90w (6000k-9000K color spectrum)
Filtration EHEIM compact+ 3000 pump (3000L/h) Laoyujiang CX-W3 55w Natural Wave Pump (20000L/h)
Plants no
Animals Pseudogastromyzon laticeps, Rhinogobius zhoui, Pseudobagrus trilinaetus
Materials The pebbles, rocks and sands were all collected in the river. The shape and color of the selected pebbles, rocks and sands are basically the same as the habitat. At the same time, some fallen leaves and branches were found at the bottom of the river. After a certain treatment and disinfection, they were used in my aquarium.

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