#539: 18L Aquatic Garden From Dusk Till Dawn

Jurgita Bendinskiene Vilnius, Lithuania

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Very nice triangle style layout with good proportions movement and natural sensation but with too much wood. Another detail these woods are too straight do you agree?
Maybe a final photo with infinity background would value your job.
Congratulations what a nice aquarium it look likes much bigger than it really is. Nice job keep scaping.
— Andre Longarco
I like this layout very much! I would however like to see fewer plants or a different treatment of the midground area. It just seems unruly with a lot going on that's distracting from the overall composition.
— Jen Williams
One of my favorites! Very nice shape for a shallow tank and a very fresh looking aquascape. One advise to improve would be the last part on the right. Make it a bit more vivid like the rest of the scape. Nice selection of plants almost like a bouquet! Well done especially in such a small tank!
— Esther Mous

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 24 × 17 cm
Title From Dusk Till Dawn
Volume 18L
Background White Sticking Paper
Lighting Chihiros A Type 45 cm lighting
Filtration Ista All-in-One external Canister Filter
Plants Anubias sp. Pangolino, Riccardia, Eleocharis Acicularis, Bucephalandra Biblis Green, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Fisidens Fontanus, Flame Moss, Bucephalandra Moss (? came together with the Bucephalandra), Hymenophyllacea Wayand, Plagiomnium sp.
Animals Boraras Brigittae 7 pcs
Materials Seiryu Stone, Sand 0,5-1 mm fraction, Sand 1-2 mm fraction, Mini Red Moor Wood
Additional Information Vimi line fertilizer

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