#614: 11L Aquatic Garden Tree Of The Sleeping Fairy

Rizki Dwi Hidayat BATU, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Awesome job in such a tiny place.
The only one thing that I can advise you is beware with the foreground. it is too parallel with the front glass. Maybe if you had done it a little bit more sinuous could be better and more interesting. My cordial regards you have the skills! Congratulations.
— Andre Longarco
This layout just needs a chance to grow in a little more especially on the tree so the mesh is disguised. Additionally the space underneath the tree with the background showing through is taking away from the concept and competing for the eye's attention.
— Jen Williams
A big part of the beauty is in the simplicity and the natural shape of the tree. It is incredible that this tank is only 24x24x19cm! I would love to have this on my desk!
— Esther Mous

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 24 × 24 × 19 cm
Title Tree Of The Sleeping Fairy
Volume 11L
Background white paper
Lighting SOBO led-200c
Filtration sakai 3watt
Plants fissiden moss, ricardia mini pelia moss
Animals cherry shrimp, baby guppy fish
Materials malang sand, cosmetic sand, seiryu stone, red lava rock, root of Russelia flower
Additional Information my inspiration from maleficent movie (tree of moors island)

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