#575: 400L Biotope Aquascape Rivulet shallow shoal of Huaijiu River, Beijing, China

Lu Xiaolong Beijing, China

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 200 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Rivulet shallow shoal of Huaijiu River, Beijing, China
Volume 400L
Background none
Lighting Two led lamps, one is white colour temperature 1.8 meters long, the other one is adjustable light with red, green and blue 2 meters long.
Filtration The top filter is 1.8 meters long, 4 layers and totally 20 boxes. The first layer is filter cotton and the others are putting ceramic ring for nitrifying bacteria. The water pump is EHEIM1102, 78W.
Plants Hydrilla verticillata
Animals Zacco platypus, Opsariicjthys bidens, Sarcocheilichthys nigripinnis
Materials I used the mixture of river sand and mud as substrate, and stones and woods collected from original habitat as decoration
Additional Information The Huaijiu River is as one of the important tributaries part in the upper reaches of Huairou Reservoir, lies in the west of Huairou and is away from downtown Beijing about 60KM. The Huaijiu River has a total length of 35 km. I chose Xisidu section of the Huaijiu River, a rivulet shoal in the Huaijiu River.As the mountain river, flow of the Huaijiu River is slow. The bottom of the water is covered by gravels, mud and sand with some branches scattered in the water. When the water level is falling in summer, Algae grows in some shallow water area and the edge of the water grows a number of amphibious plants and submerged plants. The submerged plants provide shelters for small fishes and shrimps.
Huaijiu River nature reserve: http://epaper.bjnews.com.cn/html/2014-08/27/content_531238.htm?div=-1
Beijing ornamental fishes:
Huaijiu River aquatic organisms:
Huaijiu River video of me: https://www.facebook.com/100029016541659/posts/101973880779830/
Huaijiu River photo of me: https://www.facebook.com/100029016541659/posts/101966434113908/
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