#654: 375L Biotope Aquascape Peat swamp forest in Selangor, Malaysia

Bartłomiej Paśnik BEŁŻYCE, Poland

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Peat swamp forest in Selangor, Malaysia
Volume 375L
Background brown cardboard
Lighting Daylight simulation based on LED modules 100W. DIY
Filtration Aquael Unimax 700 1700l/h
Plants Salvinia, Scirpus sp.
Animals Sphaerichthys osphromenoides, Trigonostigma heteromorpha, Trichopodus leerii, Trichopsis vittata
Materials The substrate is sand, covered with roots, deadwood and peats. Plants are a decoration used to creation the shore of a swamp.

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